Participation Donation

When students participate in the  PALY Athletic program, we ask for  a donation of $200 per student per sport.  Without this contribution we would be unable to maintain the athletic program at PALY.

The operating budget for Paly Athletics is approximately $400K.  These funds are raised through contributions from the athletes and their families and Sports Boosters fundraisers like the Snack Shack, holiday tree lot , Booster Passes and the annual auction.  Sports Boosters raises money for ALL non-coaching costs needed in order to run and manage ALL of our sports programs at Paly.  This includes:  transportation fees, league fees,  officials, uniforms, equipment, tournaments, training room supplies and awards.

Participation Donations can be made on line at:

The link below illustrates how the Participation Donation directly helps the Athletic Department function.

Financial Info Handout Fall 2016