Athletic Clearance Instructions

Palo Alto High Instructions for Athletic Clearance 


Part I: Online Athletic Clearance/Registration 

  1. Visit 
  2. If it is your first time, then you must you must REGISTER. Click on the Register button.
  3. Parents please register with valid email username and password. You will be asked to type in a code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate.
  4. If you have registered in the previous school years, use the same valid email and passwordto register for the new academic year (example: 2018-2019 school year). Your previous information will be saved, but make sure to update any recent changes in information (example: insurance, address, etc).
  5. Login
  6. Click on “New Clearance
    • Choose the School Year, 2018-2019
    • Choose the School—Palo Alto High School
    • Choose Sport – choose the one for the current season.
    • If your student is going to play multiple sports, the information will transfer to the next sport and creating a new clearance for each sport or season is not needed.
  7. Complete all required fields for Student Information.
    1. Will need Students info – cell, e-mail, etc.
    2. Will need insurance information.
    3. Doctors Name and phone #
    4. Medical in insurance info
    5. Be sure to download the blank physical form during this step.
    6. **Please be sure to update student-athletes grade
  1. Complete the Parent Information page.
  2. Complete the on-line Signatures. Both the parent and student must be present for this portion of the on-line clearance. One of the signatures will be confirmation that the Athletic Handbook has been read and understood. It is the responsibility of both the Parent and Athlete to read the Handbook and be aware of our policies and procedures.
  3. Select a participation donation option.

Part II: Physical and “Ticket to Play” – ALL ATHLETES NEED A TICKET TO PLAY from the Athletic Training Office BEFORE they can tryout. 

  1. For student athletes who still have a valid physical from the 2017-2018 year they are not required for a physical until their physical becomes expired. Once physicals are expired student-athletes will not be eligible for practice/game competition, even if they are in mid-season. Student-athletes must bring in a hard-copyphysical to continue playing after their physical is expired. (If student athletes participate in more than one sport, they do not need to bring another hard copy of their physical after their first submission of the physical in order to pick up their “ticket to play”).
  1. Give the “Ticket to Play” to the coach on the first day of tryouts.

*Note All 9thth graders must bring in a hard-copyphysical, if they haven’t already submitted one for a fall or winter sport

Physical Collection/ Ticket to Play Distribution will be on the following dates:

**Pickup at Southeast Entrance of Peery Center across from Viking Stadium

  • Wednesday August 1st11am-2pm
  • Thursday August 2nd11am-2pm
  • Friday August 3rd11am-2pm
  • Monday August 6th8am-10am and 1pm-3pm
  • Tuesday August 7th8am-10am and 1pm-3pm
  • Wednesday August 8th11am-2pm
  • Thursday August 9th11am-2pm

For Questions please email the Athletic Trainer: Justine