Multiple Teams · CCS & State Championship Wrestling


This past weekend Sara Aguilar competed in what was her last high school sanctioned tournament wearing Paly colors. Knowing that this would be her last go at it, she used that as motivation to push through the toughest girl’s high school tournament in the country. Sara advanced to the semifinal by winning 3 matches (pin, 11-3, 9-5) on Friday. Her goal came up short when she lost to the eventual state champion. It would have been easy to pack it in or give up and be content with the thought of being “all state”. This was not the case for Sara as she had one thing in mind, competing and win. In her next match, I believe it was one of the best matches of her career. She was wrestling the #2 ranked wrestler in the state and trailed 1-0. With 20 seconds left in the 3rd period, Sara hit a change over on bottom into an inside switch. She got her hip separation but her opponent was hanging onto her leg, Sara then stepped over her opponent’s ankle and was rewarded a reversal with 5 seconds left on the clock to win 2-1. She dug deep, executed great mat awareness and gutted out the win verse an excellent wrestler from James Logan High School. In her 3rd place match, she was winning before the #1 ranked wrestler in the state caught her in a bar arm. 

Sara plans to continue her wrestling career in college (undecided) and hopes to win NCAA, World and Olympic titles. Sara continues to amaze me with her work ethic, determination, toughness, tenacity, intelligence and companionship with everyone around her. I truly believe I am a better person after being around Sara Aguilar and I thank you for that! Sara, as you know, you will always have a home at Palo Alto and we (the program) will always be there for you. We wish you luck in whatever you decide to do as you enter the next chapters of your life.


We took 7 qualifiers to CCS and 3 were able to make the 2nd day. Andy, Seth and Aidan were able to get there but not without a lot of pain. Seth was again hit by an injury, this time to his knee in his very 1st match. He was able to win that match and scrape by in his next on one leg. Wrestling at this level on one leg is a huge disadvantage and though he fought hard he couldn’t over come the injury. This ends his high school career. In my opinion Seth is probably the most talented wrestler we’ve ever had in the program. It’s a shame he wasn’t able to reach the goals he probably had set for himself but it has been a pleasure to watch him these past 4 years. I’m not alone when I say that, many of the coaches in the section enjoyed watching him also. He has every skill to succeed at the next level if he chooses to do so and I’m hoping he does. Andy fought his to the quarters, but before he could take on the #4 seed he needed a little setback. While drilling to lose a little weight before going home the 1st day his lip was split open. It required a trip to Urgent Care where the doctors there declared it was to serious for them and that Andy needed a plastic surgeon. By sheer coincidence the surgeon turned out to be a former wrestler and said he would give Andy supreme care so he could wrestle the next day. Gene, Andy’s dad went out an bought a mouthguard to protect the stitches. After all that Andy went out to face the #4 seed, he fought hard but lost a heartbreaker. A win there would have guaranteed a medal, never the less he won his next match that led to a sixth place medal. A great accomplishment for the sophmore and should catapult him to higher achievements in the future. Our other sophmore Aidan Gans went 2-2, a promising effort and a sign of what could be. Also performing in their 1st CCS tournament, 
Callum 1-2, Calvin, Elliot and Alex were only able to come away with 1 win. Calvin had a horrible draw which led to him facing the 2 time CCS champion his 1st match and an opponent he had lost to at Leagues his 2nd match. Now that these 6 returners have had a taste of the intensity, they now know what it’s going to take to make your mark.